Panlocal or hyperlocal?

liked this post from Pegasus News about why they’re one step up from hyperlocal:

The term hyperlocal, referring to deep local neighborhood and niche coverage, has bothered me for some time. Since we’ve launched, it’s occurred to me that there is nothing wrong with the term, per se — but it isn’t a term that well describes Pegasus News.

My problem with hyperlocal is that I don’t believe in it (and never really have) as a scalable business proposition. There are two inherent problems with hyperlocal: One is that, by nature, it creates such a micro market that there is only a limited number of advertisers and people for them to reach. The bigger problem is that it doesn’t account for the fact that I have at least as much in common with fans of alt-country music who live on the other side of town as I do with my next door neighbor.

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